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Watch Streaming Trigun: Badlands Rumble (2010) Movie Online

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Title:Trigun: Badlands Rumble (2010)
Cast:Masaya Onosaka, Satsuki Yukino, Hiromi Tsuru, Maaya Sakamoto, Sho Hayami, Tsutomu Isobe
Runtime:95 minutes
Genre:Science Fiction, Action, Comedy, Animation, Western
Overview:In a quicksand surrounded town called Makka, rumors spread of a legendary robber named Gasback is after the town. To protect it, Mayor Kepler has hired bounty hunters. These hunters have been following Gasback from town to town in hopes of getting the bounty. Vash the Stampede is in town, along with Meryl and Milly, along with the female bounty hunter Ameria and Nicholas D. Wolfwood.

Trigun badlands rumble | trigun wiki | fandom powered wikia, Trigun: badlands rumble is a 2010 film by madhouse. it is based on the (trigun manga, written by yasuhiro nightow. trigun: badlands rumble opening debute was at#14 on 10 screens..

Written by Danny Miller