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Watch Streaming The Well Digger's Daughter (2011) Movie Online

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Title:The Well Digger's Daughter (2011)
Cast:Daniel Auteuil, Kad Merad, Sabine Azéma, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Jean-Louis Barcelona, Émilie Cazenave
Runtime:107 minutes
Genre:Drama, Romance
Overview:It's the beginning of the WWII. South of France. Patricia, 18, is the oldest daughter of a well-digger, Pascal, who considers her a princess because of her moral qualities. She's kind, devoted. One day, she briefly meets a young man, Jacques, the son of Mazel, owner of the shop where her father buy his material. He's handsome and teasing. Her father's friend, Felipe, would love to marry her, and he invites her to an aviation show. She accepts his invitation only because she knows Jacques is a pilot and will be there. Soon, she'll carry his child, and he'll be gone, and the family will have to deal with this out-of-wedlock pregnancy...

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Written by Annie Sowersby