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Watch Streaming Nothing Bad Can Happen (2013) Movie Online

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Title:Nothing Bad Can Happen (2013)
Cast:Julius Feldmeier, Sascha Alexander Geršak, Swantje Kohlhof, Annika Kuhl, Daniel Michel, Uwe Dag Berlin, Christoph Jacobi, Til-Niklas Theinert, Christian Bergmann, Nadine Boske, Hartmut Lange, Leoni Schulz, Laura Lo Zito, Enno Hesse, Alexander Wipprecht, Torben Lohmann, Katinka Auberger
Runtime:110 minutes
Overview:The young Tore seeks a new life in Hamburg among the religious group called The Jesus Freaks. When he by accident meets a family and helps them to repair their car, he believes that a heavenly wonder has helped him. He starts a friendship with the father of the family, Benno, and soon he moves in with them at their garden plot, not knowing the cruelty there is to come. True to his religious belief Tore stays with them although the increasing violence by Benno is torturing him...

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Written by Jordyn Goding