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Watch Streaming In My Sleep (2010) Movie Online

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Title:In My Sleep (2010)
Cast:Philip Winchester, Tim Draxl, Lacey Chabert, Abigail Spencer, Kelly Overton, Amy Aquino, Tony Hale, Kevin Kilner, Aidan Mitchell, Michael Badalucco, Beth Grant, Alexandra Paul, Kirsten Vangsness, Allan Wasserman, Patrick Labyorteaux, Vanessa Evigan, Kathryn Fiore, Bellamy Young, Shanna Collins, Marcelle Larice, Christopher Darga, Larry Clarke, Robert Joseph, Joe Nunez, Bunny Levine, Natalie DuBose, Kevin Michael Curran, Sean Gabriel Moore, Joy Bisco, Nancy Sexton, Jessica Martine, Jamie Tisdale, Joshua Lee, Christiann Castellanos, Jacqueline Hickel, Syr Law, Brenda Schmid, Jade Tailor, Julia Faye West
Runtime:90 minutes
Genre:Thriller, Mystery
Overview:Marcus (Philip WInchester) wakes up in the middle of a cemetery half naked and has no idea how he got there. Urgent questions pound inside his head. `Where was I last night? Who was I with?` Marcus suffers from parasomnia, a rare sleep disorder which causes him to do things in his sleep which he cannot remember the next day. His situation takes a horrifying turn when Marcus wakes up covered in blood with a knife at his side. Then, the wife of his best friend is found stabbed to death. Marcus is terrified to put together the pieces - could he have murdered her in his sleep to hide a dark secret between them? Mysterious phone calls make Marcus believe someone is watching him. He investigates his own nocturnal activities, desperate to figure out what happens after he goes to sleep at night. His journey to discover the truth ends in a shocking discovery.

9 ways wake sleep paralysis - dream studies, I have never experienced sleep paralysis before but have had several experiences in my boyfriends place and nowhere else. the latest one i had was while laying next. » shadow visitors: sleep paralysis discarnate “dark, I am a 28 yr old man who has been dealing with sleep paralysis my entire life along with a certain “visitor” who stands at the side of my bed…..i was 5 yrs old. Secrets sleep - national geographic magazine, The secrets of sleep from birth, we spend a third of our lives asleep. after decades of research, we’re still not sure why..

Written by Makenna Kettel