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Watch Streaming Go for Sisters (2013) Movie Online

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Title:Go for Sisters (2013)
Cast:LisaGay Hamilton, Yolonda Ross, Edward James Olmos, Héctor Elizondo, Isaiah Washington, Mahershala Ali, Michael Piznarski, Marry Portser, Don Harvey, Thai Phuong, Michael Laskin, Manny Montana, Mary Portser, Vanessa Martinez, Rita Taggart, Martha Higareda
Runtime:123 minutes
Genre:Crime, Drama
Overview:Bernice and Fontayne grew up so tight they could ‘go for sisters’. After twenty years apart, they are reunited when Bernice is assigned to be Fontayne’s parole officer- just when she needs help on the wrong side of the law.

Go sisters - wikipedia, Go for sisters is a 2013 crime drama, written and directed by john sayles. the title refers to the history of friendship between the two main characters: when they. Go sisters - wild movies, Go for sisters in movie theaters november 8, 2013, directed by john sayles. ‘ sisters,’ thriller john sayles - , John sayles’s noirish thriller “go for sisters” travels deep into the worlds of various sorts of gangsters. 2013, on page c6 of the.

Written by Yuliana Otter