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Title:Film Socialism (2010)
Runtime:102 minutes
Overview:A symphony in three movements. Things such as a Mediterranean cruise, numerous conversations, in numerous languages, between the passengers, almost all of whom are on holiday... Our Europe. At night, a sister and her younger brother have summoned their parents to appear before the court of their childhood. The children demand serious explanations of the themes of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Our humanities. Visits to six sites of true or false myths: Egypt, Palestine, Odessa, Hellas, Naples and Barcelona.

Av festival, George orwell’s book the road to wigan pier is the thematic framework for av festival 2016–2018. in 1936, orwell spent two months living in the industrial north. The secret oz - top documentary films, In 1996, in a documentary called the money masters, we asked the question why is america going broke. it wasn’t clear then that we were, but it is today. now the. 2016 list films | canadian labour international film, Baits and hooks 0:09:50 (switzerland) luka popadić – serbian two fishing buddies, big brother and some fish stew. baits and hooks is a black comedy inspired by the.

Written by Macie Goodrich