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Title:Drug War (2012)
Runtime:107 minutes
Overview:The taciturn police commander Zhang leads an undercover drugs team and in his continuous battle against the ubiquitous drug barons, takes up arms against his arch enemy, Timmy Choi. When he gets hold of Choi, he makes a deal with him: in exchange for his life (in China you can get the death penalty for producing only 50 grams of drugs) the young criminal will help the police infiltrate a sizeable drug network.

Timeline mexican drug war - wikipedia, The timeline of some of the most relevant events in the mexican drug war is set out below. although violence between drug cartels had been occurring for three decades. Marijuana | drug war facts, Basic data. overview. is marijuana a “gateway” drug? "our results indicate a moderate relation between early teen marijuana use and young adult abuse of other. Numbers failure war drugs - york, Most important, conceived to eradicate the illegal drug market, the war on drugs cannot be won. once they understand this, the mexican and american.

Written by Macie Goodrich