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Watch Streaming Beneath the Harvest Sky (2013) Movie Online

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Title:Beneath the Harvest Sky (2013)
Cast:Emory Cohen, Callan McAuliffe, Zoe Levin, Carrie Preston, Aidan Gillen, Carla Gallo, W. Earl Brown, Joe Cobden, David Denman, Ava Doyle, Michael McGrady, Erik Moody, Josh Mostel
Runtime:116 minutes
Overview:A teen drama set during the fall potato harvest in a small northern Maine town.

Beneath harvest sky (2013) | full beneath harvest, Watch beneath the harvest sky (2013) - the story of casper (emory cohen) and dominic (callan mcauliffe) - two best friends that are fiercely loyal to one another, as they come of age in a small farming town in maine..

Written by Elizabeth Bicknell