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Watch Streaming Aftermath (2012) Movie Online

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Title:Aftermath (2012)
Runtime:107 minutes
Overview:Two brothers are trying to find out the truth from years ago. The whole town is against them.

Aftermath (2012) | fandango, The devastating horror of a nuclear apocalypse is now reality and nine desperate strangers find themselves clinging to life in a farmhouse cellar, while radioactive fallout descends on the darkened world above. these would-be survivors face the nightmare of dwindling supplies, poisonous air and the greatest threat of all – the hordes of zombie-like refugees who want in.. Aftermath (2012) — culture crypt, It doesn’t have anything “new” to say regarding the same human survival scenario that horror has been exploring since ben and barbra first went into that pennsylvania farmhouse in 1968..

Written by Elizabeth Bicknell